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Nov 17, 2012 8:00pm EST
, but it is not an outdated one and we have all been reminded of that of late. in the wake of hurricane sandy, many of us face days without power and what our laptops in their ipads in our e-readers ran out of battery light, we turned to books. reading them by candlelight. [applause] no matter how clever, convenient or cutting-edge digital media becomes in the future, books will remain and will always be a part of the conversation at "the new york times." we know there would not be a times book review without all of you, the editors and publishers and writers who devote their time to creating books, bringing them to readers. so i would like to thank all of you again for continuing to tell your story, so that we can tell hours. thank you. [applause] >> in now, to present the medal for distinguished contribution to american literature is barton amis. martyn amis is the author of 13 novels, including the rachel papers, money, london fields, the pregnant widow and most recently, lionel as though. he is the author of experience, two collections of short stories in six books of nonfiction is including the second th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1